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2024 Temperature Blanket Stitch-a-Long: Home

White pained wood background with a rainbow of yarn skeins at the bottom. Foreground text: 2024 Temperature Blanket Stitch-a-Long with NOAA Central Library


Welcome to NOAA Central Library's first-ever annual Temperature Blanket Stitch-a-Long!

In this guide you'll find a variety of materials to help you get started on your own temperature project. Each PDF document is available in color and black & white (for printing). 


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Finding Data

Make sure to watch our webinar "2024 Temperature Blanket Stitch-a-Long: Finding Data with NWS, NCEI, and NOAA Central Library" (located on this page) for tips on finding a dataset for your project.

You can also download the following document for a list of data sources across NOAA. 

Tracking Your Data

Below you'll find downloadable templates for tracking your data.

There are two PDF templates: the first template is for tracking a single data point daily throughout the year, and the second template is for tracking two data points (i.e., lows and highs) daily throughout the year. The color PDFs are available as forms that can be filled out on your computer, while the black & white PDFs are ideal for printing. 

There is also one template in Google Sheets - just make a copy to your own drive or download as an Excel file.


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Listed here you'll find instructions for knitting or crocheting your own temperature blanket. 


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The last step before you get started is to choose your yarn and color palette!

Monthly Newsletter - NOAA Staff Only

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There are two ways NOAA employees and affiliates can participate in the monthly newsletter:

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Newsletter Submissions: Contribute your photos, questions, and suggestions to the newsletter! Fill out this form.


Copies of each newsletter will be made available to NOAA employees and affiliates on the Newsletter Archive page after release.

2024 Temperature Blanket Stitch-a-Long: Finding Data with NWS, NCEI, and NOAA Central Library

Presentation Date: January 16, 2024

Summary: Join us for the kickoff for the first-ever 2024 Temperature Blanket Stitch-a-Long program! This pilot program aims to bring together NOAA employees and affiliates for a year-long project focusing on NOAA data, using the arts for science communication, and facilitating connections across line offices.  During this webinar we will discuss the program, how to get involved, and where you can find data for your own project.

Google Space - NOAA Staff Only

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The Google chat space is open to all NOAA employees, contractors, and CI affiliates who are participating in the project. To join, please submit a request here.

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