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Publishing and Scholarly Communications: Measuring Impact

Bibliometrics @ the NOAA Central Library

Bibliometrics are the quantitative analysis of academic publications. Using academic publications as a data source, bibliometric analysis attempts to provide a better understanding of how research is produced, organized, and interrelated. It also attempts to evaluate academic publications and sets of publications based on the number of citations these publications have received. Bibliometrics and citation analysis is one way the NOAA Central Library is able to illustrate NOAA's status as producer of world-class research. 

  • Bibliometrics can help illustrate the impact of a scholarly publication or group of publications in the greater research community and can support application for grants and research funding.

  • When used with other methods such as peer review, bibliometrics is a useful tool in evaluating the research output of programs and researchers.

  • Bibliometrics can be used to identify research strengths and gaps in research and inform decisions about future research.

For more information on different types of research impact measurements, please visit our Bibliometrics Guide

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