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ORCID for Researchers: ORCID & Publishers

This guide provides information on Open Researcher and Contributor IDs (ORCID); a persistent identifier used for disambiguation of authors and as a way to connect a researcher to all their scholarly output.

ORCID in Publications

A number of scholarly publishers have also begun to require authors provide an ORCID upon submission of a publication. Because ORCID supports a wide variety of work types, a growing number of publishers have opted to add the functionality including:

  • Wiley
  • PLOS
  • American Chemical Society
  • The Royal Society
  • IEEE
  • Hindawi
  • Sage Publications
  • Frontiers
  • Springer Nature
  • American Geophysical Union, and more.

For more information on this initiative you can see the ORCID Open Letter: One Year On (2017).

How Publishers Use ORCIDs

Publishers use ORCIDs to identify and link both authors and reviewers, to bring together name variations and works. 

Typically a journal publication workflow will follow the steps below (depending on specific use cases):  

  • The author submits an article submission to the Publisher
  • The publisher collects the authenticated author’s ORCID iD and requests permission to interact with their record, and stores that permission.
  • The publisher collects data from the author’s record using the ORCID API and uses it to help populate the submission form.
    • This helps to save the author time manually completing information that is already available within their ORCID record.
    • Affiliations, funding, preprints and datasets can all be discovered 
  • When a submission is accepted and the article is published, the publisher:
    • Includes the ORCID iDs in the article metadata.
    • Adds the publication to the author’s ORCID record, connecting the person with the publication.
    • Displays the iD within the article and the article metadata
    • Displays the iD on the authors information page
  • Optionally, the publisher acknowledges reviewers for their peer review work
  • Optionally, the publisher collects co-author and collaborator ORCID iDs and updates their records as well.

Examples of ORCID Publisher Displays

Example of how AGU incorporates ORCIDs into their author metadata.

Zootaxa example of ORCID integration in author metadata.