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ORCID for Researchers: Managing NOAA Affiliations

This guide provides information on Open Researcher and Contributor IDs (ORCID); a persistent identifier used for disambiguation of authors and as a way to connect a researcher to all their scholarly output.

Preferred Affiliation Structure

There are 2 methods for entering your NOAA affiliations within ORCID: all-in-one or concurrent entry.

All-in-one Method:

  • In this method, researchers would select the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Washington D.C. District of Columbia US entry under Organization in ORCID. This entry is the one that maps to NOAA's official Organizational Identifier (ROR). 
    • Once selected you can edit the location to reflect  your duty station
    • In the Department field,  you can then add the NOAA Line Office, Program or Lab, Division, etc.
    • Example:

Concurrent Entry Method (recommended for all; required for contractors)

  • Each level of NOAA gets an entry (and the contract company if you are affiliated with a contracting company)
    • Example:

Affiliation Manager via NOAA Central Library

Through our ORCID Membership, the NOAA Central Library has the ability to manage your ORCID profile for you! With your permission, NCL is able to update your affiliations. In addition, a long-term development will be to update/add publications you have deposited in the NOAA IR into your ORCID profile as well. By granting NOAA permissions to serve as a Trusted Organization, we can update/edit your ORCID affiliations on your behalf. Permissions can be revoked at any time by the researcher.

Access is requested via email, and will include a unique URL for researchers to approve NCL access. Once approved, the NCL will be able to update your affiliation(s) to ensure they are linked appropriately to NOAA organizational identifiers. In your ORCID profile the source will appear as "National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)".


ORCID Update Request Form

The NOAA Central Library has created a form where NOAA researchers can request their ORCID be added to their NOAA IR publications (ie. grant permission) or request a ROR be created for their office in order to properly update their ORCID affiliation. ORCIDs can be provided to the NOAA IR either via a batch (for offices/labs) or a single author entry. This information will be used to add a link to the the researcher's ORCID profile via the NOAA IR publication landing page(s).

Benefits of Trusted Organizations

The benefits of granting NOAA Trusted Organization Status include:

  • Improve the visibility of your outputs
  • Share accurate and authoritative information about your affiliation (with NOAA)
  • Ensure the correct RORs are associated with your works, etc.
  • Reduces administrative burden