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OAR Publications: OAR CSL

Chemical Sciences Laboratory (CSL)

The Chemical Sciences Laboratory has three primary research areas: climate, air quality, and the stratospheric ozone layer. Its seven research groups consist of Cloud & Aerosol Processes, Regional Chemical Modeling, Tropospheric Chemistry, Chemistry & Climate Processes, Atmospheric Remote Sensing, Chemical Processes & Instrument Development, and Atmospheric Composition & Chemical Processes. Prior to 2020 CSL was a division under ESRL. Please note that tech memos and other documents will be listed as CSD. 

Current Publications

ALFirst established as an ESSA Research Laboratory, the Aeronomy Laboratory became part of CSD with the advent of ESRL, although the AL Tropical Dynamics and Climate Division separately merged with the Physical Sciences Division (PSD). AL's mission has been the study of the chemical, radiative and dynamical processes of the Earth's atmosphere, in order to improve the ability to predict its behavior. Research focuses on the following three atmospheric issues: climate (chemical composition, radiation, and clouds), regional air chemistry, and stratospheric ozone-layer recovery. 

Historical Publications