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OAR Publications: OAR GML

Global Monitoring Laboratory (GML)

GMDThe Global Monitoring Laboratory focuses its research on greenhouse gas and carbon cycle feedbacks, changes in clouds, aerosols, and surface radiation, and recovery of stratospheric ozone. GML collects observations and performs analysis through its observatories and research groups.  GML's programs date back to CMDL (below) and the Geophysical Monitoring for Climatic Change (GMCC) program begun in 1971 to establish a baseline and continuous monitoring for climate change. GML includes five research groups: Carbon Cycle and Greenhouse Gases (CCGG), Halocarbons and other Atmospheric Trace Species (HATS), Ozone and Water Vapor (OZWV), Aerosols (AERO), and Global Radiation (G-RAD). Prior to 2020 GML was a division under ESRL. Please note that tech memos and other documents will be listed as GMD. 

Current Publications

Predecessor Organization

CMDL NOAA's Climate Monitoring and Diagnostic Laboratory was active through the seventies until it was absorbed into GMD with the creation of ESRL in 2005. The main thrust of CMDL's research activities was in climate forcing (greenhouse gases, aerosols, and radiation), ozone depletion (including stratospheric aerosols, water vapor, ozone measurements, and ozone depleting gases), and air quality.

Historical Publications