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OAR Publications: OAR PSL

Physical Sciences Laboratory (PSL)

PSDPSL researches weather, water, and climate extremes, develops observing and modeling methods for droughts and floods, and increases understanding of the coupled Arctic system and Arctic lower-latitude interactions. Recent PSL publications have covered El Niño, ocean temperatures, the atmospheric stable boundary layer (SBL), hurricanes and cyclones, and sea ice loss, among many other topics. PSL's research teams include Atmosphere-Ocean Processes, Attribution and Predictability Assessments, Boundary Layer Observations and Processes, Dynamics and Multiscale Interactions, Forecast and Modeling Development, Hydrometeorology Modeling and Applications, Hydrometeorology Observations and Processes,  and Polar Observations and Processes. Prior to 2020 PSL was a division under ESRL. Please note that tech memos and other documents will be listed as PSD. 

Current Publications

Predecessor Organization

The Environmental Technology Laboratory, since folded into PSD, has its own predecessor in an ESSA Research Laboratory, the Wave Propagation Laboratory. WPL concerned itself with development of new methods for remote sensing of the geophysical environment, with special emphasis on propagation of sound waves, and electromagnetic waves at millimeter, infrared, and optical frequencies.

Historical Publications