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Ebooks: DEIA in the Library

Welcome! The NOAA Central Library is committed to providing access to resources that help advance diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility (DEIA) at NOAA. This page is dedicated to pulling out specific materials and providing links to other NOAA-based groups that provide DEIA services. 

Library Resources

Our primary resource for DEIA material is OverDrive, which boasts a collection of ebooks and audiobooks looking specifically at DEIA.

NOAA Employee Resource Groups (ERG)

Employee Resource Groups: Usually led and participated in by employees who share a characteristic, whether it's gender, ethnicity, religious affiliation, lifestyle, or interest. The groups exist to provide support and help in personal or career development and to create a safe space where employees can bring their whole selves to the table. Allies may also be invited to join the ERG to support their colleagues. They do not have to have agency approval to exist.

NOAA Affinity Groups

Affinity groups: Gathering opportunities for people who share a common identity. They provide opportunities for people to connect with other people who share aspects of their identity, especially in situations in which aspects of their identity are in the minority or are marginalized. Affinity groups are tied to a National Group put in place by mandates. They have paid memberships and represent a particular underrepresented group of people in the workforce. They do not have to have agency approval to exist.

Are we missing a resource?

If you or your group don't see yourself represented here and would like to include a link to your resources please email us at