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Rare Book & Archive Materials: Treasures of the NOAA Central Library

Rare Book & Archive Materials

Treasures of the NOAA Central Library

Below is a small selection of items from our Rare Books and Special Collections. Included are materials from authors such as Hippocrates, Aristotle, Claudius Ptolemy, Euclid, Saint Albert Magnus, Sir Francis Bacon, Johannes Kepler, Evangelista Torricelli, Robert Boyle, Sir Isaac Newton, Daniel Bernoulli, Benjamin Franklin, Guiseppe Toaldo, and Michael Faraday. Within the NOAA Central Library's Rare Book Collection, titles date from 1400 through the late 1800s. The library currently holds 2 incunabula and over 500 titles. Rare and special collection materials do not circulate, but patrons are able to view and use materials within the library. For a tour of our rare book and special collection room please contact the library reference staff.

Hippocrates (c. 460 B.C.- 370 B.C.)

  1. Uniform Title: [Prognostics. Latin. 1485] 

Claudius Ptomlemy (85 B.C. - 165 A.D.)

  1. Uniform Title: [Almagest. Latin] 
  2. Uniform Title: [Syntaxis. Greek] 
  3. Uniform Title: [Almagest. French and Greek] 

Saint Albert Magnus (ca. 1193-1280)

  1. Uniform Title: [De meteoris. Latin. 1494] 
    • PDF/Title: Liber Methaurorum (PDF, 19 MB) 
    • Publishing Information: Venice: Impressi Johanem et Gregorium de Gregoriis fratres

Sir Francis Bacon (1561-1626)

  1. Uniform Title: [Works. 1825] 

Robert Boyle (1627-1691)

  1. PDF/Title: New experiments and observations... (PDF, 26 MB)
    • Publishing Information: London: Printed for John Crook
  2. PDF/Title: Hydrostatical paradoxes... (PDF, 9.1 MB)
    • Publishing Information: Oxford: Printed by William Hall for Richard Davis 
  3. PDF/Title: The general history of the air. (PDF, 11 MB) 
    • Publishing Information: London: Printed for Awnsham and John Churchill
  4. Title: The works of the honourable Robert Boyle 
    • Publishing Information: London: Printed for A. Millar 
    • volumes (Vol. 4 not available online)

Daniel Bernoulli (1700-1782)

  1. PDF/Title: Hydrodynamica, sive, De viribus et motibus fluidorum comentarii... (PDF, 19 MB)
    • Publishing Information: Basel: John Deckeri 

Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790)

  1. PDF/Title: Meteorological and miscellaneous tracts... (PDF, 5 MB)
    • Author: Memoir and remarks by Benjamin Franklin 
    • Publishing Information: Cardiff: J.D.Baird 
  2. Title: The complete works in philosophy, politics, and morals, of the late Dr. Benjamin Franklin... 
    • Publishing Information: London: Printed for J. Johnson 
    • Volumes: 3 volumes 
  3. PDF/Title: Experiments and observations on electricity, made at Philadephia. (PDF, 22 MB)
    • Publishing Information: London: Printed for David Henry 
  4. Title: Life of Benjamin Franklin, autobiography 
    • Publishing Information: Philadelphia, Lippincott 
    • Volumes: 3 volumes 

Michael Faraday (1791-1867)

  1. Title: Experimental researches in electricity 
    • Publishing Information: London: R and J. E. Taylor, 1839-55 
    • Volumes: 3 volumes 

Aristotle (384 B.C. - 322 B.C.

Collection of 7 Aristotelian tracts (Weather Bureau Library, December 15, 1910)

  1. Uniform Title: [Meteorologica. Latin. 1558] 

  2. Uniform Title: [De anima. Latin. 1560] 

  3. Uniform Title: [De caelo. Latin. 1560] 

  4. Uniform Title: [De generatione et corruptione. Latin. 1560] 

  5. Uniform Title: [De mundo. Latin. 1560] 

  6. Uniform Title: [Parva naturalia. Latin. 1560] 

  7. Uniform Title: [Physics. Latin. 1560] 

  8. Title: Nicolai Cabei Ferrariensis Societatis Iesu In quatuor libros meteorologicorum Aristotelis commentaria, et quastiones...
    •  Author: Cabeo, Niccolao, 1586-1650 
    • 4 volumes (Weather Bureau Library: August 14, 1933):

  9. Title: Aristotelous Meteorologika... Libri IV 
    • Publishing Information: Leipsig: F.C.G. Vogelii 
    • 2 volumes:

  10. Uniform Title: [Meteorologica. French]  

  11. Uniform Title: [In Aristotelis Meteoroloicorum libros commentaria]

Johaness Kepler (1571-1630)

  1. PDF/Title: Tabulae Rudolphinae: quibus astronomicae scientiae... (PDF, 31 MB) 
    • Publishing Information: Ulm: Typis Jonaw Saurii 

  2. Title: Joannis Kepleri astronomi opera omnia 

Sir Isaac Newton (1643-1727)

  1. PDF/Uniform Title: [Arithmetica universalis. English] (PDF, 12 MB)
    • Publishing Information: London: Printed for J. Senex

  2. PDF/Title: Opticks, or, A treatise of the reflections. (PDF, 16 MB)
    • Publishing Information: London: Printed for William Innys 

  3. Uniform Title: [Principia. English] 
    • Publishing Information: London: Printed for H.D. Symonds 
    • Volumes: 3 volumes: 

  4. Uniform Title: [Principia. 1833.] 
    • Publishing Information: Glasgow: G. Brookman 
    • Volumes: 2 volumes: 

  5. PDF/Uniform Title: [Principia. English] (PDF, 32 MB)
    • Publishing Information: New York: Daniel Adee 

Giuseppe Toaldo (1719-1797)

  1. PDF/Title: Della vera influenza degli astri... (PDF, 14 MB)
    • Publishing Information: Padua: Apresso Giocomo Manfrae 

  2. PDF/Title: Della maniera di preservare gli edificj dal fulmine: informazione al (PDF, 1.4 MB)
    • Publishing Information: Venice: s.n. 

  3. PDF/Uniform Title: [Della vera influenza degli astri...French] (PDF, 22 MB)
    • Publishing Information: Chembery: Imprimerie M.F. Gorrin 

  4. PDF/Uniform Title: [Della vera influenza degli astri...] (PDF, 15 MB)
    • Publishing Information: Padua: Tommaso Bettinelli 

  5. Title: Completa raccolta di opuscoli, osservazioni...
    • Publishing Information: Venice: Francesco Andreola 
    • Volumes: 4 volumes