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Summer Library Challenge: Home

Celebrating 50 years of NOAA,1970s style.


The Challenge 
Starting June 1, each month we'll release three activities: one easy (1 point), one medium (2 points), one hard (3 points). 

How to Play
Complete activities and log them at the link to earn points. 
The highest scoring participant each month will win a NOAA Central Library mug and an Amazon Gift Card. We'll also award mugs to five participants, drawn randomly at the end of the challenge.

Fine Print
All NOAA staff, contractors, and fellows are welcome to participate. In the event of a tie score in any month, the winner will be drawn randomly. Gift Cards will be delivered digitally, mugs will be made available when staff are able to return to the Silver Spring office.


Click on the image below to log your activities!


August 1st - August 31st

Attend a Library Seminar or Coffee & Questions (3 points)


Set up your ORCID or Researcher ID (2 points)

  • A unique, persistent identifier can help distinguish authors from others with the same name and provide a link between an author and their professional activities. There are a number of online resources that allow authors to create and manage a unique author identifier; some of which can be used in conjunction with one another allowing researchers to measure their impact within the scientific community.


Bonus! Complete a survey for the library (2 points)

  • In preparation for the library's long-term goal of obtaining a new library catalog or updating the current library catalog,  we’re seeking feedback about the library's functionality, usability, and utility. Currently we are asking all NOAA federal employees or contractors to take a brief survey via Survey Monkey.

  • The survey will be open until COB Friday August 30, 2020. 


Download an e-book from the NOAA Central Library (1 points)