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Weather and Climate Collections

George Washington Carver and Tuskegee Weather Data


This site provides access to volunteer weather observations taken at the Tuskegee Institute in Tuskegee, Alabama, from November 1899 through June 1954.

Publication History

George Washington Carver entered weather observations for the period Nov. 1899-May 1900, and July 1900-Jan. 1932; subsequent observers include J. R. Otis, J. R. Mundy, David C. Carter, Emile N. Hooker, J.R. Munday, H. J. Romm, J. C. Moore, I.T. Hardeman, J.W. Burney, D. Atkins and B. D. Mayberry.

Scope of Coverage

The observations are noted on U.S. Weather Bureau Form No. 1009. The monthly form originally had the title Voluntary Observers' Meteorological Record. Later it became Cooperative Observers' Meteorological Record , then Climatological Observers Meteorological Record, and in 1948 it was changed to Monthly Record of Climatological Observations.

The observer recorded the daily minimum and maximum temperatures, precipitation, prevailing wind direction, and the general character of the weather. In addition to signing this monthly form, the observer occasionally added a brief description about the month's weather before submitting it to the Weather Bureau staff, who then added calculations of monthly means and totals based on the observations.


How to Locate Issues of the Weather Records

To locate the issue you wish to see, use the drop-down list below to choose the year and the month, then click the "View Observations" button. No observations were recorded at Tuskegee Institute, Alabama, during the period January-October 1899 and July-December 1954. The observations are in PDF format and require the free Adobe reader.



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