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Alma/Primo SSO Troubleshooting: Home

This is a general guide for trouble shooting the library's catalog, Primo VE.

Below you find sections on specific troubleshooting on Primo, including: 

Single Sign On (SSO) Troubleshooting Username / password Troubleshooting
"Unable to find your CAC/PIV in our directory" message "UNABLE TO LOGIN" message
"UNABLE TO LOGIN" message  
"Your Account has been temporarily locked." message  
Do not get certificate for CAC login  
Cannot use CAC to login after a name change  
Cannot use CAC to login after updating CAC  
Browser Cache Issue  

A large portion of the Single Sign On documentation is largely based on NOAA ICAM's help documentation, but has been customized to provide more context to specify how it SSO interacts with Primo.


Single Sign On (SSO) Help

If you unable with NOAA's Single Sign On process are looking for a general walk through about the process itself please visit the ICAM's SSO Login Steps page (available for NOAA staff only).

Single Sign On (SSO) Troubleshooting

SSO Troubleshooting

The section aims to walk you through some common troubleshooting steps if you are experiencing issues with NOAA's Single Sign On service. NOAA SSO is managed by NOAA ICAM and the NOAA Library Network has leveraged the service, allowing NOAA staff into the NOAA Library Network's catalog, Primo VE.

Below are some common issues you may face when attempting to login via SSO:


"Unable to find your CAC/PIV info in our directory" message

PIV message

"Unable to find your CAC/PIV info in our directory" message


  • If you are a new user or you recently updated your CAC, please allow up to one week for your CAC data to sync in.

  • This error is also caused by the email address on your CAC not matching your NOAA email address. Please verify this by using the verification steps in this help page.

    • If you are not comfortable with technical steps listed in this page, is is strongly recommended that you contact your IT department to assist you. 



  • The most common cause of this error is when the user selects the wrong certificate. Users must only use the Authentication or ID certificate on their NOAA CAC to login to SSO.
  • Close the all the browser windows you  you attempted to login to Primo and try again. These time, select the ID/Authentication certificate on your NOAA CAC.


"Your Account has been temporarily locked. " message

You see this message after five failed login attempts, your ICAM account gets locked. This is an automate process and your account will be unlocked automatically after 5 minutes. You can try logging in after 5 minutes. If you don't remember your password, contact your local IT department for a password reset request.


Do not get certificate prompt for CAC login

During the SSO process, you should be prompted to select a certificate - see more information on ICAM's SSO Login Steps page.

certificate prompt

Certificate prompt


If not, there are two possible issues with not getting prompted to choose a certificate during SSO login:

  1. If you are using Firefox, refer to Firefox CAC Enablement help page to enable the CAC module for your Firefox. This module is not enabled by default.
  2. Most browsers remember your choice for the certificate prompt. Therefore, if you cancel the certificate prompt, it will not prompt next time you attempt to login. In this case, see the Browser Cache Issue section below.


Cannot use CAC to login after a name change

Any change to a user email address must also trigger an update to any CAC associated with the address. It is suggested that the CAC card not be changed until shortly after the new address actually exists and is in use. Scheduling this is a local responsibility. Failure to update your CAC would cause NOAA SSO login issues. 

After updating your CAC, it may take up to a week for this update to be reflected in ICAM.


Cannot use CAC to login after updating CAC

t may take up to one week for ICAM reflect updated CAC date. This process involves the cleanup of the old certificate and the population user's profile with the new certificate which may take several days.


Browser Cache Issue

Your browser will remember if you have selected a certificate or canceled the prompt. In some cases, this may cause problems. If you are experiencing issues, you can:

  1. Close the all the browser windows you  you attempted to login to Primo and try again.

    • Chrome:

      1. At the top right, click More (three dots icon)

      2. Click on New Incognito Window

    • Firefox: 

      1. At the top right, click More (three lines icon)

      2. Click on New Private Window

    • Edge:

      1. At the top right, click More (three dots icon)

      2. Click on New InPrivate Window



Username / Password Troubleshooting

Username / password Troubleshooting

Primo also offers a separate Username / password option login for NOAA staff. Username / password is managed by NOAA Central Library staff.

This option serves as a backup for NOAA patrons who are unable to login to Primo using Single Sign On. 

Register/Forgot Password

Register/Forget Your Password

To register for an account via username/password or reset your password, use the following Google Form.