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Library Seminars: Presenting @ NOAA Library



The purpose of this service is to provide quality seminar experiences for our hosted speakers, NOAA community, and the public. We are a stage for the public and NOAA community to discover the work of NOAA. The format is strictly as a teaching/learning style with seminar options of polls and Q&A, but no audience chat feature. We do not host internal meetings, events excluding NOAA-wide participation, or non-NOAA mission topics.

Library Seminar Annual Reports

Please find linked below the Library's infographic Annual Reports detailing our change over time and statistical findings. 

Schedule a Presentation

To schedule a seminar for yourself or another, please email to schedule a date and then fill out our Google Form to submit your event information.

The Library only hosts 10-12 seminars a month, be sure to get yours scheduled!

If you are not a NOAA employee or contractor you can still request* a seminar by emailing the following information to

1. Preferred date and time (at least 10 days after request).

2. Speaker(s) name, organization, and preferred title:

3. Presentation title (max 200 characters):

4. A concise abstract of the presentation (max 650 characters):

5. Three keywords describing your presentation:

6. A brief speaker bio (max 500 characters):

7. A few pictures from the presentation (and one of the presenter) that we can use to promote the seminar.

8. A signed Privacy Act Statement; See Information for Presenters below- We can NOT move forward without this form.

A librarian will work with you to promote your event. *If you are not a NOAA staff or contractor you will need to be affiliated or sponsored by a NOAA staff member. GoToWebinar note: If you would like to request closed captioning of your event please inform your librarian of that at least 5 business days in advance of the event date.

Information for Presenters

Library seminars are mainly held on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays via webinar. To use this service, seminars must be for public and/or NOAA-wide consumption. We do not host for private, individual trainings, meetings or updates effective January 2021. 


For presentations: A librarian will be in contact about setting up a technical check-in to ensure all audiovisual components are functioning properly. We also encourage presenters to share the public registration link with their colleagues, their professional organizations and via social media. Tips and tricks for our platforms are below:

We ask that you arrive 15-20 minutes early. You are welcome to embed images, gifs, and video within your presentation, but be aware that videos can appear choppy or soundless over streaming. The best look/feel of presentation slides is 16:9 format. We welcome interactive polling (after testing to ensure ease of use) and the use of webcams based on your comfort, location, and connection speed.

Please reserve time for Questions & Answers at the end of your seminar. The recording will be uploaded to the Library's YouTube channel and made available publicly, unless otherwise requested. 

OPTIONAL: Share your presentation via Google Drive ahead of the presentation date, so that we have a copy to share as a handout or in case of technical difficulties. We recommend your presentation be Section 508 compliant as this is best practice. For more information on how to create accessible documents and Section 508 compliance, please see our LibGuide: Section 508.

Form To Be Signed

The form below needs to be signed in order for us to record and host seminars. Your privacy is of the utmost importance to the Library.