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Publishing and Scholarly Communications: Mandates, Regulations, and Policies

What dictates NOAA's publishing practices?



Line or Program Office Specific Policies and Guidelines.


  • Fundamental Research Communication (FRC): communication prepared as part of the employee's official work regarding the products of basic or applied research in science and engineering, the results of which ordinarily are published and shared broadly within the scientific community.
  • Scientific Integrity: condition resulting from adherence to professional values and practices when conducting and applying the results of science that ensures objectivity, clarity, and reproducibility, and that provides insulation from bias, fabrication, falsification, plagiarism, interference, censorship, and inadequate procedural and information security.

Section 508 Compliance

Any document (regardless of the format), website/webpage, or software program that is public-facing must be made accessible. This would include any document that is posted on a website as well as the website itself. For more information about 508 Compliance please visit the NCL's Guide