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Publishing and Scholarly Communications: Author Services @ NCL

Research Services

The NOAA Central Library research team provides NOAA  programs with expert research support. Our services save you time and add value to your project by conducting thorough literature searches to support your work, whether it be for scientific research or making policy decisions. Our services and products are fully customizable and tailored to your needs. 

Please see our Research Services Guide or contact the NOAA Library Research Team at

Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs)

A digital object identifier, or DOI, is a persistent, unique alphanumeric identifier that provides a persistent link to an object (most commonly a document, article, or dataset).  The NCL assigns DOIs to all NOAA Technical Memorandum that are submitted to the NOAA IR and will mint a DOI for other eligible NOAA publications, produced after 2015, including: NOAA Professional Papers, NOAA Atlases, NOAA Technical Reports

If you would like to request a DOI for your publication you can do so using our DOI Request Form

Additional Author Resources

In addition to the services and resources provided by the NOAA Central Library, there are a variety of other resources on a variety of topics related to scholarly writing and communciations.

Plain Language

Inclusive Language

  • Guidance for NIST Staff on Using Inclusive Language in Documentary Standards: This document provides guidance to NIST staff regarding the use of inclusive language in documentary standards and documents which support the realization and dissemination of physical standards; Standards Developing Organizations' (SDOs) policies and procedures; and standards development participation.

Style Guides


Bibliometrics are the quantitative analysis of academic publications. Using academic publications as a data source, bibliometric analysis attempts to provide a better understanding of how research is produced, organized, and interrelated. It also attempts to evaluate academic publications and sets of publications based on the number of citations these publications have received. Bibliometrics and citation analysis is one way the NOAA Central Library is able to illustrate NOAA's status as producer of world-class research. 

  • Bibliometrics can help illustrate the impact of a scholarly publication or group of publications in the greater research community and can support application for grants and research funding.

  • When used with other methods such as peer review, bibliometrics is a useful tool in evaluating the research output of programs and researchers.

  • Bibliometrics can be used to identify research strengths and gaps in research and inform decisions about future research.

For more information on different types of research impact measurements, please visit our Bibliometrics Guide

Citation Analysis

Citation analysis helps assess the value and reach of published research through bibliometrics.  Some of the main uses of bibliometric analyses include:

  • Exploring trends in research to identify emerging areas of research and potential bibliography sources
  • Identifying top researchers and funding agencies to locate potential collaborators and grant sources
  • Evaluating the suitability and desirability of journals before submitting articles for publication

Our bibliometrics team utilizes tools such as h-index, citation counts, percentile rankings to help you determine the impact of your work or that of your office/program.  Some author analysis tools available to researchers include:

  • Web of Science
  • InCites
  • ORCiD
  • Google Scholar

Please visit our bibliometrics guide for more information or contact Sarah Davis ( for assistance with any of these tools.

The NOAA Central Library has created a Publications Group a place for everyone across NOAA to share questions, concerns, best practices, and new tools for creating, editing, submitting, and sharing publications.  This group is intended to be collaborative, with agenda items, presentations, and discussion topics coming from group members. All NOAA employees (federal or contract) are welcome to join. Meetings are on the second Wednesday, bi-monthly.  For a more information or to join the group please email Jennifer Fagan-Fry.