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Bibliometrics: Our Services

General Services

For NOAA offices and programs we offer:

- Publication & citation analysis reports

- Publication lists & raw data 

- Analyses & visualizations for reports, presentations and lab/program reviews

For individual NOAA researchers we offer:

- Research Impact Reports

- Analyses and visualizations for reports and presentations

- Assistance with author IDs and author profiles

We also offer analyses of individual publications (journal articles and reports).

Ongoing Projects

NOAA Peer-Reviewed Articles

The library has been identifying NOAA-authored articles since 2012 and NOAA-funded articles since 2015. To learn more about this project and access a list of NOAA-authored articles please see the NOAA Peer-Reviewed Articles Bibliography.


Ocean Exploration Bibliography

Articles supported by the NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration and Research and resulting from NOAA Ocean Exploration expeditions are identified and analyzed quarterly by the library. The most recent citation analysis of these publications is available as a PDF and the bibliography is available organized by author or expedition.

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