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Monthly Weather Review


Snow Flakes
"Studies among the Snow Crystals ... ". "Monthly Weather Review", 1902.

The Office of the Chief Signal Officer began publishing the Monthly Weather Review in July 1872. In 1891 this responsibility was transferred to the newly-formed Weather Bureau, which continued to publish it until June 1966. From August 1966 to October 1970, it was published by the United States Environmental Science Services Administration, after the Weather Bureau became part of it in 1966. Once again, after the Weather Bureau became part of the newly-formed National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in 1970, the Monthly Weather Review was published by NOAA until the end of 1973. In 1974 the publication was turned over to the American Meteorological Society, which continues publishing it as a subscription.

In addition, the Weather Bureau published the Monthly Weather Review Supplement, numbered 1 through 48, between 1914 and 1949. The Bureau never published Supplement No. 43.


Scope of coverage

The Monthly Weather Review covers research related to analysis and prediction of observed and modeled circulations of the atmosphere, including technique development, data assimilation, model validation, and relevant case studies. This includes papers on numerical techniques and data assimilation techniques that apply to the atmosphere and/or ocean environment.

The Monthly Weather Review Supplement replaced numerous independent series of bulletins that the Bureau published prior to 1914. The Supplements featured contributions to the science of meteorology and weather forecasting that were too voluminous to publish in the regular Monthly Weather Review.


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How to Obtain Articles

Monthly Weather Review

To search for articles from the Monthly Weather Review, go to AMS Journals Online. This site provides free access to articles published through December 2009. Articles published beginning in January 2010 are accessible through a subscription or can be purchased individually. Articles from Vol. 1 to Vol. 124 (1873-1996) are in PDF format and require the free Adobe Reader.

Monthly Weather Review Supplement

To search for issues of the Monthly Weather Review Supplement, make a selection on the drop-down list below, then click on the "View Supplement" button.

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