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U.S. Army Signal Corps/Weather Bureau Annual Reports, 1861-1942


The Signal Corps was responsible for meteorological observations in the United States from 1861 to 1891. In 1891, responsibility for the meteorological work was transferred to the newly-formed U.S. Weather Bureau in the Department of Agriculture.


Scope of Coverage

These documents contain reports and correspondence from the Chief Signal Officer to the Secretary of War for the years 1861-1891. Beginning in 1892, they contain similar reports from the Chief of the U.S. Weather Bureau. Although the reporting year ends June 30, the meteorological data in these reports are presented on a calendar year basis. In 1935, the title was changed to the United States Meteorological Yearbook.

Signal Station
Army Signal Service - Cape Mendocino (1888)


How to Locate Issues of Annual Reports

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