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Why the Weather


Charles Franklin Brooks, the founder and Secretary of the American Meteorological Society, composed daily public service announcements for the Science Service beginning in May 1923. These daily meteorological miscellany were also authored by Charles Fitzhugh Talman (1927-1935) and Alfred H. Thiessen (1938-1941). The essays were designed to present meteorology to the general public, by radio and newspapers, using clear and simple explanations of weather facts, phenomena and proverbs. "Beware of weather proverbs," wrote Brooks on May 28, 1923, "or better still, pick the true ones and throw aside those which have not been proved . . ." such as, "Thunder does not sour milk!"


Scope of Coverage

The NOAA Central Library maintains a set of these mimeographed sheets beginning with No. 1, May 1923, and continuing through April 1941.


How to Locate Daily Essays on Why the Weather?

Below is an datatable with links to the PDF document for quick navigation through 16+ years of public service announcements.


Title Subject Author Date of Publication
Title Subject Author Date of Publication