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Daily Synoptic Weather Maps


These daily synoptic weather maps are from the series of historical weather maps prepared initially through a cooperative project of the Army Air Force and the U.S. Weather Bureau, with the assistance of several university meteorological staffs. Later, the maps were prepared by the U.S. Weather Bureau in cooperation with the Army, Navy, and Air Force, as well as the many National Meteorological Services of the countries shown on the maps.

For a general understanding of synoptic meteorology, refer to this webpage provided by the National Weather Service.


Synoptic Weather Maps


Select the year, month, and day of the synoptic weather map you wish to view.


Synoptic Weather Map
Synoptic Weather Map


Source and Analysis, and other documents

The table below provides accompanying source and analysis, as well as additional documents in some years and is listed in alphabetical order. It can also be searched and sorted by Title, Month and Year.


Scope of Coverage

This page provides daily synoptic weather maps for the Northern Hemisphere from January 1, 1899 to March 31, 1971.

Title Month Year
Title Month Year