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Alma / Primo Migration & Training Guide

Introduction to Resources

Per Ex Libris documentation, "Resource management comprises the administration of the library's many resources and search-related activities."

Inventory & Inventory Model

Alma's inventory model provides you with the capability to  manage the following types of resources: 

  • Physical: Resources in all physical formats.
  • Electronic: electronic resources stored and managed outside of Alma such as journal titles. 
  • Digital: Resources managed inside of Alma. NOAA has not subscribed to this feature. 

Resources of all three types are managed in the Alma's three Zones. The Institution Zone, Community Zone, Network Zone. 

For detailed information on each resource type, including how to manage resources within each zone watch the following essentials videos linked here.

Metadata Editor (MDE):

View the following Essentials videos on Alma's Metadata Editor. The videos provide an overview of the editor itself, editing records, using templates, and more.  

Training documentation and videos occasionally use the old Metadata Editor in demonstrations. For information on the New Metadata Interface and it's functionalities, this page provides an overview

Resource Management: 

Getting Started with Alma

Ex Libris provides training videos and documentation for Alma through their Knowledge Center. This information will be useful during and after the migration. If a video will not play for you, please see the accompanying text-based handout. ​​​​​​


Some NOAA staff have having issues viewing some videos while on NOAA ERAV VPN. If you are a NOAA ERAV VPN and unable to view a video please try doing so while not on VPN.