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Alma / Primo Migration & Training Guide

E-resource Field and Regional Librarian Activation Workflow

The following e-resource activation workflow applies to any participating field and regional librarians who originally NOAA Central Library (NCL) email call to include their e-resources in the Alma/Primo VE post Go-Live.

For field and regional library that will be sending us e-resource metadata:

  1. Enter metadata for e-resource journal titles (known as portfolios in Alma) into the NOAA Central Library supplied E-resource Activation Form (see attached template). This information can be pulled from NOAA's subscription agent platform (WT Cox’s Coxnet) or by contacting the publisher(s) directly. Enter titles are unique subscriptions to your library. Exclude titles that are belong to NOAA-wide packages unless they are unique to your library. 
    1. The required metadata includes the following fields:
      1. TITLE STATUS;
        • This field is required when sending an updated version of your library's title list, for instance at the beginning at of the new CY when you have updated your subscriptions. The statuses included are (New, Deleted, Updated).
      2. PUBLISHER;
      3. FULL TITLE;
      4. ISSN;
      5. E-ISSN;
      6. Dates of coverage( FROM_YEAR and TO_YEAR);
        • If the date of coverage ends in the present year, you can simply leave TO_YEAR blank or enter current or present.
      7. Notes:
        • Field may be of particular use when making a note about title with an Updated status.
    2. Email and the completed Activation Form (see attached template).
    3. NCL staff will use the completed Activation Form to activate the individual field and regional library e-resources in Alma. Public notes (MARC field 856 z) will be used to indicate e-resources' availability for specific field and regional libraries in Primo VE.


Will NOAA Central Library send out another call to NOAA Librarians who may be interested in adding their e-resources to Alma? 

Yes. However, a date for an additional call cannot be provided. NCL will still require time in implementing Alma / Primo VE.

What happens if a journal has been activated by NOAA Central Library but a patron of a field/regional library or myself as field/regional librarian can not access it?  Who resolves that and how? 

Access issues will require coordination on you and NCL's part to resolve. Since NCL doesn’t have access to your network, we cannot troubleshoot field or regional library access issues alone. It’s also worth noting that as NOAA is still using IP authentication, the same IP access issues we commonly encounter today will still be encountered when your resources are in e-resources in Alma.

Will this workflow include the collection of COUNTER usage statistics? 

No. This workflow does not involve NCL collecting COUNTER usage statistics on your behalf. NCL is only using Alma to activate e-resources, which as a result, does not allow for the collection of COUNTER statistics. During the migration process, we did evaluate how Alma could be leveraged to activate e-resources and collect COUNTER statistics. However, as this would require implementing a much more resource intensive acquisitions workflow, we decided against it. 

When my library acquires a new e-resource, will NCL add it to the Activation Form?

No. Any time your library would like to make updates to your e-resources in Alma, you should email them to NCL ( and 

I have more questions. Who do I contact? and