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Alma / Primo Migration & Training Guide

Creating Local Portfolios

The following page provides general information about creating local standalone portfolios to existing titles.

To create local portfolios, you must have the following roles:

  • Electronic Inventory Operator

To add a local portfolio to existing titles:

  1. Select the New Portfolio page (Resources > Create Inventory > Add Local Portfolio)
  2. In the Descriptive Information fields:
    • Creation Type: Use existing type
    • Recording Type: One Time
    • Choose Title: Enter Title
  3. General Information:
    • Portfolio Type: Part of an electronic collection
      • In the Electronic Collection search box,  search and select NOAA Libraries Local Holdings (NOAA Libraries Local Holdings)
    • Library: Select library from dropdown. Do not select Available from the Internet.
  4. Inventory and Linking information:
    • URL: URL of online resource
      • If cataloging S3 bucket, follow the the standardized link format for files and directories: 
        • Directories
        • Files:
          • For more information look at "S3 documentation" Google Doc (available only to NOAA Central catalogers).
  5. Notes:
    • Public Note: Available to your [library]