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Alma / Primo Migration & Training Guide

Editing Portfolios in an Electronic Collection

Occasionally you may need to update linking information or a Public Note in a electronic collection. The following workflow demonstrates how to update both links as well as Public Notes. 

There are multiple ways of accessing electronic portfolios that are part of an electronic collection. Sometimes a may not even be necessary to interact with the electronic collection itself. This is true if you only need to edit a small amount of portfolios (one or a few more) as demonstrated below.   

  1. Search for the electronic portfolio (Electronic Portfolio> Keywords) you wish to be edited.
  2. Once locating the portfolio, select Edit Portfolio to open the Electronic Portfolio Editor.
  3. In the Electronic Portfolio Editor select:
    • the Linking tab to update portfolio links; 
      • Local portfolios will only need their static links to be updated when updating links.
    • the Notes tab to update the Public note field.
  4. Once finished making any updates to links or public notes, click on the Save button in the right right corner of the Electronic Portfolio Editor.  

If you need to edit multiple electronic portfolios, it is more efficient to first search for the electronic collection, then start editing portfolios as detailed below. 

  1. Search for the Electronic Collection(Electronic Collection > Keywords) that contains the portfolios you wish to edit.
  2. Once locating the Electronic Collection, click on Portfolio List to view all portfolios in the collection.
  3. In this results list, you can search portfolio by ISBN, ISSN, Title.