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Alma / Primo Migration & Training Guide

Implementation Timeline

Phase Date Milestone Description
Implementation Feb 7, 2022 Test Load Start  
Implementation Feb 24 2022 Test Load Delivery with Test Data  
Implementation Mar 10, 2022 Primo VE First Look   
Implementation Mar 17, 2022 Alma / Primo VE Authentication Configuration Completed  
Implementation Apr 19, 2022 - Apr 21, 2022 Alma Functional Workshop (Onsite)  
Implementation Apr 29, 2022 Alma SIS Testing Complete  
Implementation Apr 29, 2022 Priority 1 3rd Party Integration Completed  
Implementation May 6, 2022 ILS Technical Freeze (Acq/Cat) for Cutover  
Implementation May 16 2022 Alma / Primo VE Authorization Configuration Completed  
Implementation May 23, 2022 Alma Cutover Migration Starts  
Implementation June 3, 2022 ILS Fulfillment Cutover Freeze  
Implementation June 7, 2022 Go Live with Alma and Primo VE!!!