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Alma / Primo Migration & Training Guide

Creating/updating/deleting items

The following page provides general information about Working with items 

To add and/or manage physical resources, you must have the following roles:

  • Physical Inventory Operator
  • Physical Inventory Operator Extended (required for delete operations)

You create, edit, and delete physical resources – inventory that corresponds to physical items in your library – using various editors and jobs.

If you need to add an item to an existing existing bibliographic record but there are no physical holdings records that match your library, please visit this page.

If you cannot perform these operations, please contact NOAA's Alma/Primo VE System Administrators (,

Adding a Physical Item to an Existing Title

To add an item to an existing title:

  1. From the Choose Holdings Type dialog box (Resources > Create Inventory > Add Physical Item), select the Existing option and select Choose. The Quick Cataloging page for existing resources appears.
  2. In the Resource Information section, find the title of your item.
  3. When you select your title, the Title field populates with your selection. The Library and Location fields populate based on the Title selection.
    • You can utilize the Select from a List hamburger icon to conduct more specialized searches as well.
  4. Enter the barcode for the item and, optionally, add the following parameters:
    • Description – The text you enter appears in the list of holdings for the item.
  5. Select Save. The item is added to the inventory. You are returned to the Alma home page.

Updating Item-Level Information

To update item-level information for a physical item:

  1. Search for the physical item that you want to update in Alma using the Alma search bar. 
    • Alma's search bar by offers numerous ways for search for items. For more information, see Searching in Alma.
    • Examples include:
      • Physical titles, barcode (for a precise search)
      • All titles, keywords (for a broad search)
  2. Locate the item (within the title you wish to update.
  3. Edit the item that you want to update. The Physical Item Editor page appears. The following tables are the parameters on the Physical Item Editor (links to Ex Libris documentation):

Deleting/Withdrawing or Suppressing Item Records

Deleting item records in Alma is known as Withdrawing.

To withdraw one or more items:

  1. Search for the item(s) that you want to withdraw using the Alma search bar.
  2. In the search results row containing the item(s) that you want to withdraw, select Items link (located to the right of Holdings link).
    • Depending on the type of search that you initiated and what's available in your inventory, selecting Items may display different results.
      • If you selected an All titles search or a Physical titles search and there is only one holdings records, the List of Items page appears with Withdraw items
      • If you selected an All titles search or a Physical titles search and there are multiple holdings records, you must select Holdings and select the Items row action ellipsis box for the specific holdings record from which you want to withdraw multiple items.
      • If you selected a Physical items search and the holdings record contains a single item, when you select the items from the row action ellipsis box, the Physical Item Editor page appears first. Select View all items to display the List of Items page.
  3. Process one of the following withdrawal actions:
    1.  Withdrawing a single item:
      • Select the Withdraw row action ellipsis box and select Confirm in the confirmation dialog box. If the last item was removed from the holdings record, the Last Item dialog box appears with the following options:
        • Don’t change the holdings record - Select if you do not want to withdraw or suppress the holdings record.
        • Delete the holdings record - Select to withdraw the holdings record.
        • Suppress the holdings record from discovery - Select if you do not want to withdraw the holdings record, but you want to prevent the record from appearing in Primo or an external discovery system.
        • Delete bibliographic records (unless other holdings are present) - Select to delete the bibliographic record with which the item is associated, if the bibliographic record has no other holdings. In this case, both the holdings record, and the bibliographic record with which the item is associated, are deleted.
    2. Withdrawing multiple items:
      • se the check box column to select one or more items and select Withdraw items.