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Alma / Primo Migration & Training Guide

Introduction to Fulfillment

Per Ex Libris documentation, "Fulfillment is the process by which patrons borrow and return physical resources, or access electronic or digital resources, from the institution. For information about requests, see Requests in Alma. For information about loaning and returning items, see Loaning Items and Returning Items."

Physical Requests

Alma handles many different types of requests. While not all request types are listed below, or are their details, some of the following include:

  • Patron requests from their local NOAA libraries;
  • patron requests from across the library NOAA network; 
  • requests from other libraries across the NOAA library network.

For more detailed information on physical requests watching the following essentials videos linked here.

As a NOAA librarian you may notice that some workflows in the videos may not be appropriate for your library or patrons. This is not an issue, as Alma can be configured to suit your library's needs. For more information on how patron or staff-initiated requests can generally work visit the  Alma FAQs page on Requests Management.

Getting to Know Alma (Fulfillment)

Getting Started with Alma

Ex Libris provides training videos and documentation for Alma through their Knowledge Center. This information will be useful during and after the migration. If a video will not play for you, please see the accompanying text-based handout. ​​​​​​


Some NOAA staff have having issues viewing some videos while on NOAA ERAV VPN. If you are a NOAA ERAV VPN and unable to view a video please try doing so while not on VPN.